About me 

A Bachelor's Degree in English Literature & Master's degree in Communication sums up my educational background, & the reason behind my cynicism too. 

In my journey of 4 months, I have worked on the automotive, pharmaceutical, & networking application verticals. Apart from that, I created brand amplification campaign ideas for existing brands, which were targeted towards end consumers. I also happened to lend my two cents during a pitch for a fast-food brand. Sadly, my internship ended before the agency could get the brand, or I could hope for some free chicken. That said, the fledgling copywriter in me is hoping to broaden its horizons - & wings (not chicken) - to other categories in future opportunities. 

Full disclosure, I am still stumbling, making mistakes, and getting nervous. But I am also learning, improving, and rectifying my mistakes each day. Long story short, I don't bring with myself a long list of experience, but I do bring a considerable amount of hard work, a thirst to learn, & the will to not give up.